The Concept
To decide the theme of the 2022 SFCC Graphic Design Grad Show, I paired up with Ezra Leigh, Elisabeth Empey, Nathan Donahue, and Julia and Mikael Wink to brainstorm and build a compelling concept and set of collateral to present to a panel of judges.

Our theme centered around cards, building good hands, and strategy. We felt that the card theme connected well to the design industry due to the parallels of building a good team, strategizing when preparing a portfolio or presentation, and the vulnerability of laying one's cards or work on the table. 
The Development
My role within our group was to develop the initial moodboard for the concept. After some back and forth with the team, we developed the red/teal/black color scheme to call back to the traditional card color palette of  red, blue and black but with a twist.
As we continued into the project, I became responsible for the poster layout and zoom filters, should the event be held online due to COVID-19. We decided together to choose a horizontal poster that would allow each card design to be seen clearly.